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Join us as a mentee

We empower female students, who do not have a network yet, in defining their long-term goals, finding their path, conquering challenges and identifying opportunities. We are looking for female mentees who are in at least their 3rd bachelor semester and are at least one year before graduation. But most importantly, do not be afraid to apply, we are very happy to hear from everyone of you and find you a good mentor match!

We find your mentor in 4 simple steps

We want to get to know you!
Are you a young, driven, female student, who wants to be part of a network of great women? Apply and fill out our survey in order for us to get to know you, your ambitions, interests and background so we can find you a mentor with whom you click. 
We will find your dream mentor
We will match you with the best mentor for your individual journey. Thanks to our matching algorithm, we will make sure that you will start off your relationship on common ground - building up trust almost immediately.
We will support you along the way
Our support does not end with the matching. We will prepare you for your kick-off meeting, encourage you to self-reflect along the way, and support you with useful resources.
We encourage you to build your network and get to know the other mentees and mentors
On our platform you will have the chance to broaden your network and connect with all the other mentees and mentors. With time we will offer talks, events, peer coaching, and other great bonding activites.

We are currently on a break but will be back soon!  

If you are interested in supporting our team please do not hesitate to reach out to us at


Economics student at the University of Zurich

"Women for Women enables and empowers me to pursue my goals and believe more in myself. By opening up to my mentor, I now trust myself and my abilities more"

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Women for Women helps women achieve their long-term ambitions and enables them to support each other.

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