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Women for Women is a network connecting and supporting
(future) female leaders.

We are driven by the belief that women grow
by empowering each other.
We support women, who do not have a network yet with planning their long-term goals, achieving their ambitions, finding great opportunities and being ready when they arise.

Coffee with Friends

Your benefits

Meaningful and personal relationships

Through our mentoring program you will be able to form meaningful, long-lasting relationships with other women. You will get to know not only your mentor but also other mentors and mentees.  We want to support you in your personal and professional journey - we assist you in achieving your long-term goals and short-term career ambitions as fast as possible!

Broad network and contacts

You will have access to women from all over Europe with diverse backgrounds, roles and interests. They are all motivated to support you and cannot wait to get to know you. You will have a 1:1 relationship with your mentor but also be part of our larger community.

Free and

You want to learn more about certain industries, jobs, application processes, exchange semesters and more? You want to talk about personal challenges, goals, and skills? No matter the topic, our female mentors are here for you - in video calls and/or personal meetups. Our matching ensures the right mentor for you - all completely free of charge.

Why did we found
Women for Women

After having been exposed to different study and work environments for multiple years, we have realized how important mentorship and female empowerment are. However, these resources are often only accessible for a very small, privileged circle of women. 

Women for Women aims to offer mentorship, support, and resources for all women, not only to a selective group of women who already have a network through family and friends. The goal of the initiative is to support young women in defining their long-term ambitions, achieving their goals and having a group of women supporting them.

How does
Women for Women work






Women for Women attracts accomplished women with prior mentorship and working experience (5+ years).

Interested mentees apply online, filling out information about their background, interests, and ambitions.

Based on our matching algorithm mentors and mentees get matched, introduced and prepared for their first meeting as well as supported in their journey with us.

Mentor and mentee will kick off their relationship and meet to discuss relevant topics - always supported by the Women for Women team.

Our platform and network allows mentors and mentees to get to know W4W's fellow members and have an exchange about topics of relevance.

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"Mentoring younger women is fulfilling to me on all dimensions - I cannot wait to get to know as many mentees as possible"


Financial advisor at Nestlé, former investment banker at Goldman Sachs

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Women for Women helps women achieve their long-term ambitions and enables them to support each other.

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