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The network for young women with big dreams.

We help women achieve their long-term ambitions and enable them to support each other.

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We are currently on a break but will be back soon!  

If you are interested in supporting our team please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

We connect young female students ​[mentees]
with professional experienced women [mentors].

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"I applied for the Women for Women mentorship program to learn more about different job opportunities and figure out what my long term professional work aspiration should be"


Business student at the University of St. Gallen

Deep relationships 

You will be able to create meaningful long-lasting relationships and connections.

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Broad network
and contacts

We will provide you with a network of inspiring women with diverse backgrounds, working in diverse industries and living all over Europe.

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Free and

Our matching ensures that we will find the right mentor for you - all completely free of charge.

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"Mentoring younger women is fulfilling to me on all dimensions - I cannot wait to get to know as many mentees as possible"


Financial advisor at Nestlé, former investment banker at Goldman Sachs

Our mentors work at
many different places, including:

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We help to close the still existing gap in gender equality.

Women for Women was founded to empower women. Find a great mentor and progress your career.

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Globally, women only make
77 cents for every dollar men earn.

Only 5% of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and only 17% of worldwide CEOs are female.

Only 10% of senior-level women credit four or more executives with helping their advancement, compared to ~17% of senior-level men.

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Women for Women helps women achieve their long-term ambitions and enables them to support each other.

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